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A compelling cause. A worthy mission.
An immensely exciting future. 

   I have enjoyed involvement with Deo Cantamus over several years, both in the chorale and as a member of the Board of Directors. This is a truly fantastic organization. From the boardroom to the choral stage, I have seen a passion for musical excellence in service of our great God.


   A favorite memory of mine was the organization’s world premiere of Abraham, a new oratorio by Josh Bauder. At the time, I was a member of the chorale, and I remember the excited energy we had as we worked through sections of the piece, ensuring that our enunciation was clear and that our musical phrasing matched the mood and message of each section. I remember the camaraderie of the rehearsals, where we shared testimonies, prayed together, and enjoyed meals together, getting to know other chorale members deeply. I remember the first time each section started to come 


together—the goosebumps of finally hearing each phrase and bar connect into a glorious and meaningful musical whole. And above all else, I remember opening night. What a night. For the first time, with the powerful drone of the organ, the bold-throated cello, and the feverish laughter of the violins, it all came together. This was more than a performance. It was a message about pain and failure and suffering—but more so, about hope, forgiveness, redemption, and salvation. A piece of biblical history from thousands of years ago spoke to me freshly that evening. I had heard the story of Abraham hundreds of times, but never set in this way, and never so clearly tying this story in Genesis back to the redemptive salvation offered in the New Testament through Christ. The words came off the page with new life.

   This is what sets Deo Cantamus apart. In a state with rich choral heritage, several organizations offer musical excellence. Deo Cantamus offers this too. But with Deo Cantamus, the music is more than academic, aesthetic, or technically proficient. It is meaningful. Members of the chorale believe the message of hope that was shared during Abraham, and the chorale’s genuine, whole-hearted faith shines through in each note, each work, and each program. That is the reason why I love this organization, and I hope that as you hear the harmonic testimony of this wonderful group of musicians, your heart will be touched too. I look forward to seeing you at our next concert. Soli Deo Gloria!





Has the ministry of Deo Cantamus blessed you? Would you consider making a tax-deductible investment into the future of the organization?

If you prefer, mail a check payable to

"Deo Cantamus of Minnesota" to...

Deo Cantamus of Minnesota

10300 39th Avenue North

Plymouth, MN  55441

* All donations to Deo Cantamus of Minnesota are tax deductible *


On behalf of your investment, we would like to acknowledge your giving with a gift.

$50: Contributor - recognition in future programs

$100: Donor - free downloadable album and recognition in future programs

$250: Sponsor - free CD and all Donor level gifts

$500 and above: Associate - reserved seating at future events along with all Sponsor level gifts


* Gifts above $500 will receive Associate level gifts *

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