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Featured Reviews

Dr. Kevin Bauder
Professor & President Emeritus
Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Plymouth, MN


"It's quite uncommon to find serious, conservative Christians who are interested in performing difficult music of worship. This is unfortunate, because much of the best Christian music is demanding. Deo Cantamus is a group of believers who have set themselves to master the great music of the Christian past and present. Their aim is to glorify God through offering to Him the treasures of the Christian musical heritage, presented with a high level of musical competence, artistic integrity, and theological precision. I appreciate the goals of Deo Cantamus and I celebrate the skill and intensity that these musicians bring to their task."

Dr. Jon Emsminger
Independent Music Teacher
Piano Instructor, Michigan Technological University
Software Developer


"I find it refreshing that a group like Deo Cantamus exists at a time when many Christian musicians and artists seem to be abandoning high standards of excellence in the name of cultural relevancy.  I appreciate the fact that Deo Cantamus is reaching a younger audience while maintaining a strong choral and musical tradition, and providing an innovative platform for musicians to exercise their God-given gifts. Most of all, I appreciate the mission of Deo Cantamus to bring glory and honor to our Savior Jesus Christ."

Dr. Phil Golson, D. M. A

GRACE, Inc. (Garden Route Arts, Communication, and Education)

President of GRACE,  a non-profit organization serving South Africans

Director of GRACE Radio, a developing community station initiative.

Knysna, South Africa


"From my first musical collaboration with Deo Cantamus nearly 10 years ago, I was convinced that this organization and its leadership love God and are attempting to serve His church through the medium of musical artistry. The creative and intentional use of beautiful music are hallmarks of Deo Cantamus in pointing to the majesty, glory, and beauty of our Creator God and illumining the hearts and minds of the listener. I pray they will be an amazing testimony and remain a vocally gifted witness to His splendor for many years to come."

Dr. Paul Hartog
Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary


"I am pleased to recommend Deo Cantamus and its laudable mission. I appreciate its purposeful combination of theological integrity, holy living, and musical excellence. Its heart for ministry is manifested in both its educational services and concert programs. Above all, it desires to exalt the fullness of God's awe-inspiring character through the selection and performance of its music. Deo Cantamus has pinpointed a current crucial need and has risen to the task. Gloria Deo!"

Roger W. Kilian
Assistant Pastor - Music and Administration
Fourth Baptist Church 
Plymouth, MN


 "Music in the local church aims to glorify God. The Scriptures admonish us that the musical selections as well as the musical presentations are to be an act of God-honoring worship. Deo Cantamus seeks to assist the local church in its effort to accomplish this goal. Through its programs, Deo Cantamus endeavors to encourage others, to educate God's people, and to be an example of this purpose.

Dr. Douglas McLachlan
Author, Scholar, and Former Pastor
Plymouth, MN


"I am most happy to express my appreciation for the excellent ministry of Deo Cantamus. The commitment of this agency to rich theological content in music, to classical, conservative and traditional musical styles, to the education of both children and adults in the marvelous musical heritage of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and to an insistence upon excellence in the presentation of its various programs is a great encouragement to me personally, and a great benefit to those who participate.I have appreciated, as well, the altruistic and missional engines which drive Deo Cantamus.  On several occasions already at Fourth Baptist Church, the musicians and vocalists who have been drawn together under the auspices of Deo Cantamus have been used to benefit in a financial way pro-life and inner-city ministries. This un-self-centered expenditure of energy and excellence is a testament to the heart of its director and board.God's best to the continuing and expanding ministry of Deo Cantamus."

Pastor Scott Mayer
Minister of Music
Bethel Baptist Church & Schaumburg Christian School
Schaumburg, IL

 "This organization is being led by some wonderfully creative and godly individuals. I know several on the board with  whom I have either taught, attended college, or have had come through my studio here in Schaumburg. I would encourage as many people as possible to participate in this organization as it emphasizes creating Godly, Christ-honoring, excellent music from many periods of musical literature. The need of conservative music being performed in an excellent way has never been greater, and I have all confidence that Deo Cantamus will meet this need. The instructors have been trained well, and are among the best in their fields. I wholeheartedly endorse this organization and the quality work that they are accomplishing."

Pastor Matt Morrell
Senior Pastor
Fourth Baptist Church
Plymouth, MN


"Deo Cantamus has stretched me in my understanding of and appreciation for great music. Their concerts have demanded my attention and tugged at new areas of my affections so that I find myself edified. I would encourage others to attend and participate in each Deo Cantamus event!"

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