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A mere glimmer of heaven and the beauty of what is to come...

When my family and I arrived in the spring of 2015, I had never stepped foot into the state of Minnesota. I was a new mom and had no connections, no community, and no knowledge of the vast and rich outlets of music opportunities that waited before me. I could not have imagined that Deo Cantamus would become a place where I would feel at home; where I was loved by my community, and had the extraordinary opportunity to minister and touch lives in ways that I could not even fathom. It is a testament of the goodness of Christ and his provision. Deo Cantamus is unlike any other organization that I have been a part. In a world and industry that continuously seeks for production perfection for the glorification of one’s self, Deo Cantamus is strikingly different. Its sole purpose is to make less of us, and more of Him. It's a place specifically designed to bring ultimate glory to Christ through excellence in music. This is not only evident in the music that is carefully presented, prepared, and performed, but in it’s people, who humbly use their talents for the sake of Christ and his church. It's a place where I feel welcomed, encouraged and nourished; a place where beautiful, resounding truths become painted with the richness of music. It is where believers are united in praise; a refreshment for my spirit and soul. There have been times of laughter, and times where music stirs my soul and tears flood my eyes. It ignites joy, passion, and hope, for it is a mere glimmer of heaven and the beauty of what is to come. It is a place where blessings pour out from one to another through music and reach beyond to its listener. I am exceedingly blessed and thankful for Deo Cantamus and the incredible work and musical excellence it brings to a vast void in our society that is in desperate need for the truth spoken through music.

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