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“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

This wise adage has been variously attributed to Confucius, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Eleanor Roosevelt. According to its earliest appearance came in a 1907 volume of sermons by William L. Watkinson.

One man who is following the advice of that adage is Al Hawkins. He believes that by introducing children to good music when they are young, they will rise to the challenge of becoming discerning adults in their music choices.

That principle provides the impetus for a group called “Let the Children Praise.” This children’s choir, with participants as young as fourth grade, learn music from other languages and other cultures as well as musical literacy and vocal production concepts. Through their concerts they discover the joy of serving others, they increase their own musical education and they participate in worship of God.

When asked why children should be learning to sing in German or Hebrew, Al offered three reasons. First, it is good for them. Second, the English translation from those languages may not always be true in meaning to the thoughts of the original composer. And third, the sounds of the language as conceived by the composer are not the same when lyrics are translated into English.

“Let the Children Praise” presents their own concerts and also participates in "Agape" concerts with the Deo Cantamus chorale. The musicality, variety, enthusiasm and spiritual dedication of this choir and their director will thrill and inspire each one who attends. Consider this your invitation to come and see them “light a candle.”

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