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Nothing More Refreshing...

J.S. Bach said, “The final aim and reason of all music is nothing other than the glorification of God and the refreshment of the spirit.” In singing with Deo Cantamus, I found the most profound reflection of this idea. There is nothing more refreshing both musically and spiritually than to join my voice with dozens of other believers exalting our great God.

For how could a believer not be moved to glorify God when singing Ryan Murphy’s Pilgrim Song, “My soul doth long to go where I can fully know the glory of my Savior.” My spirit senses that longing for Heaven every time this gorgeous piece comes to mind, and I am moved to tears with a desire to fully know Jesus. The powerful declaration to “turn each cursed idol out that dares to rival Thee” penned by Craig Curry in Do Not I Love Thee preaches to my heart and causes me to affirm my desire to exalt God “far above all gods.”

Unbelievers, too, respond to the powerful messages found in these pieces. I remember sitting with my aunt who, although not claiming faith in Christ, tearfully shared that the music of a Deo Cantamus concert moved her in such a deep way that “obviously my soul is searching for something.”

What a gift music is that it can lift a believer’s soul toward God or draw a seeking soul to truth.

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